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Hosted Exchange and Business Email

IJM Commercial Services offers Microsoft Exchange email hosting, as well as supporting web based services such as Google Mail, Office 365, and others. We offer advanced premium email solutions, such as email archiving and encryption, hosted on our dedicated e-mail platforms. Our email hosting solutions allow for custom configurations, unlimited storage, and a large number of accounts. In addition, our hosting service manages your domain name, spam and virus filtering, and mail records. Our dedicated support staff can assist you with device configuration, deciphering non-delivery reports, and other communications errors.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Exchange offers a secure, robust, configurable solution set that can be tailored to your unique needs.

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A hosted Exchange account can be accessed via Microsoft Outlook on Windows or a Mac, as well as from any leading Web browser. Exchange public folders and other content and data sources from virtually any desktop, laptop, netbook or other platform.
Since the introduction of Snow Leopard, standard OS X applications, such as iCal and Address Book, which come standard on a Mac, are fully compatible with Exchange.
In addition to a variety of desktop and browser-based platforms, a hosted Exchange account can also be accessed using BlackBerries, iPhones, Android tablets, Windows Phones, and other smart devices.

Our Email Hosting Advantages

1More Than Just Email
When you host your email on a Microsoft Exchange Server you get more than just email. Employees can share calendars and contacts, maintain documents and improve overall communication in and out of the office.
2Built-in Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
All email in our Hosted Exchange is protected by a custom security solution that blocks more than 99% of spam, viruses, and fraudulent messages, before they enter your network.
3Fully Managed 24×7
When you host your email with IJM Commercial Services, using Exchange, you get peace of mind while we relieve the burden of running your own email server. Our techs will install, configure, and migrate everything needed to get you up and running, while providing your business 24x7 support.
4Wireless Synchronization and Sharing
IJM Commercial Services' Exchange Servers allow you to synchronize your data across mobile, Windows PC or Mac, and any browser. You can access your email, calendars and contacts from anywhere and never miss an important message or meeting again. With offline access to your email and contacts, you can keep working even when you don’t have access to the internet.
5Cloud Storage Support
With cloud storage support and Exchange, you have easy access to your files and can share your files quickly without any additional software while enjoying complete control over cloud access and data storage. IJM Commercial Services' Cloud Complete is highly secure and allows you to work collaboratively and focus on your business anywhere you go.
6Scalability & Redundancy
IJM Commercial Services provides all the hardware you need with the ability to add more resources as your business expands. No matter how big your business grows, we can ensure you have enough space for all of your data. You can rest assured that every email is secure with multiple levels of backup and redundancy.
7Active Directory
Each server comes with Active directory, a dedicated management solution allowing you full access to domain services. This is a must have feature that cannot be utilized with a basic email hosting service.
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