Worry-free data protection

Remote Backup Service

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

To better serve our customers, IJM Commercial Services offers free remote backup service in our affordable managed IT service package. Your business will never worry about hardware failures, accidental deletions, or system breakdowns again.

Our remote backup services can be configured to occur at intervals that protect your organization from a variety of data loss scenarios. Never take a chance on losing valuable company data again.

Our remote backup systems are designed to make sure that any hardware failures or accidental deletions can be recovered from with as little downtime as possible. Our technicians will make sure that you have the latest images stored on-site for fast recovery, as well as replicated offsite for disaster scenarios.

  • Quick and easy restoration and access to your data
  • Saves you from accidental loss or deletion
  • Rapid recovery from hardware failures
  • Complete 24/7/365 coverage and backups
  • Eliminate worry about the safety of your data
  • Unlimited free offsite storage
Secure and Compliant Remote Backup Service

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