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IJM Commercial Services provides a carrier-grade web hosting environment, with high reliability, availability, and connectivity. This includes the prevention of spam, fraud, breach of intellectual property rights and other illegal activities. Naturally we provide both Windows and Unix environments.

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Outsourcing your server hosting is one of the best ways to achieve maximum performance and flexibility while keeping overhead costs low.

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Automatic Data Backup
Customer web site data will be backed up to our secure off-site archive facility at regular intervals with the interval (12 or 24 hours) dependent on the selected plan.
Log Files
Log files are available for download on all plans except 'Static', and contain a maximum of 30 days data / 100 MB. The most recent log file is not included in the data storage allocation.
Additional Virtual Hosts
You can host multiple web sites within the one Business Web Hosting service (additional charges apply). Typically, each 'Additional Virtual Host' will have it's own domain name; but may share the same stylesheets or database with the other websites hosted under the same plan. All usage (served traffic and storage) of the Additional Virtual Hosts are counted towards the 'parent' service, and they inherit all of the same plan features and administrative access.
Redirect services are another function of the Internode Business Web Hosting platform (additional charges apply). Put simply, the Redirect service is used to immediately 'redirect' any web requests to a particular domain name, to a specific part of any other web site. This is mainly used for marketing purposes - to launch a new product with it's own domain name but leveraging your existing web site development. By way of example, when an Internet user types the URL www.yourproductname.com into their browser, their request could be redirected by our web servers to www.yourcompanyname.com.au/productname.

Our Web Hosting Advantages

1More Than Just Web Hosting
When you choose IJMCS for your web hosting solution, you're guaranteed a fast, secure and reliable business presence on the Internet.
2Windows - Static
The Windows environment for the Static plan consists of Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Services 6.0. Webalizer statistics are available. This plan also includes IIS Password which uses Basic HTTP Authentication for password protecting web sites on IIS. Additionally, there is an extensive list of default MIME types installed (over 300).
3Windows - Dynamic
The Windows environment for the Dynamic plan adds a number of useful features features (such as ASP, .NET, COM + Access, FrontPage, SSI, XML 6.0 Parser etc.) to the Static plan (Windows Server 2008-R2 with Internet Information Services 7.5 and IIS Password).
4Windows - Database
The Windows environment (Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Services 6.0 and IIS Password) for the Database plan includes Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition, SQLXML 3.0 SP2.
5Unix - Static
The Unix webhosting environment for the Static plan is built on Gentoo Linux with Apache 2.2. Webalizer statistics are available. This plan also includes .htaccess support for password protection and directory attribute customization.
6Unix - Dynamic
The Unix environment for the Dynamic plan adds a number of useful features to the Static plan such as CGI scripting support, PHP 5.2 Support, Outbound email support, Crontab, Htsearch etc.
7Unix - Database
The Unix environment for the Database plan includes PHP 5.2 Support, MySQL Database.
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